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         There are six divisions in the Office of General Affairs:Documentation Division, General Services Division, Cashier Division, Property Management Division, Construction & Maintenance Division, and Environment and Safety Division.Provides essential supports and services to all other administration and academic units on campus,In order to facilitate campus regular operations and improve the environments for teaching, research, and living activities.

        Services concentrates on:1.enhancing the information system for administration; 2. increasing the efficiency and quality of procurement; 3. promoting the maintenance and security of campus buildings; 4. carrying out various environmental protection tasks; and 5. establishing a green sustainable campus.



Job Title Name Campus phone E-mail
Vice President for General Affairs Shih-Meng Hsu 1103 shihmeng@mail.ntou.edu.tw
Associate Vice President for General Affairs Wu, Chun-I 1102 wuchuni@ntou.edu.tw
Secretary Chang, Tsuey-Rong 1101 shining@mail.ntou.edu.tw